Modernizing the Golf Industry

When a group of our clients—who also happen to be a few of the largest golf associations in the US—came to us to looking for ways to increase membership and maximize customer retention, we were excited to take on the challenge.

“We’ve always relied on our members to pay by check, which adds up to a lot of man hours when you have 160,000 members,” noted Kevin O’Connor, membership director for Southern California Golf Association. “We were looking for a way to automate the process, but with the specialized software we use in our industry, nothing on the market met our needs.”

Knowing that this same issue plagued golf associations across the country, we worked with SCGA and our golf association clients to form a co-op to fund a completely customized software solution, Golf Nations.

Golf Nations includes powerful tools to help golf associations streamline the accounting side of their business while boosting member conversion and retention.

  • Golfers can pay for their membership online, significantly reducing the man hours it takes to process over-the-counter payments.
  • It’s integrated with GHIN, the USGA’s handicap platform, so information submitted through Golf Nations updates GHIN in realtime.
  • Golfers can sign up to auto-renew their membership, providing our clients with a guaranteed source of future income.
  • Associations can give admin access to their member clubs, reducing the need for our clients to provide phone support.

In the coming year, Golf Nations will also include a club billing system, making the current process of manually sending invoices and accepting club payments seem archaic.

“With features that automate our business, it’s never been easier to collect fees,” said O’Connor. “Our golfers can join anytime, anywhere. My board is happy, our club chairs are happy, that makes me happy.”

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